ADVANCE TECHNICAL SERVICES W.L.L has been established in the state of Qatar since 2008. We are a certified Electromechanical Contracting & Trading Company, holding certifications in I-CV (In Country Value), Integrated Quality Management System(IMS), and Qatar Civil Defense Department (QCDD).

We specialize in Fire Engineering Solutions, include the supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of Fire Protection systems, Smoke & Mechanical Ventilation systems, MEP Contracts & Facility Services, as well as providing HSE Supports and Trading

We take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional professional services, focusing on providing fully customized turnkey solutions that serve to the distinct needs of clients in various sectors.

Advance Fire Protection System
Advance Fire Protection System is the dedicated fire division of Advance Technical Services. Our mission is to safeguard lives and properties through our unwavering commitment. Certified by the Qatar Civil Defense Department (QCDD), our exceptional technical expertise and service quality have established us as one of the leading specialists in the country's fire system industry.

We specialize in the design, supply, and installation, as well as offering repair services, Maintenance Contracts (AMC), and Testing & Commissioning of a comprehensive range of Fire Safety solutions. This includes Smoke and Mechanical Ventilation systems, Firefighting systems, Fire Detection systems, Fire Suppression systems, Pre-Action Deluge systems, Exit & Emergency Lighting systems, Voice Evacuation systems, Fire Telephone system, and more.

Advance Smoke Ventilation Solutions
Advance Ventilation, a specialist division of Advance Technical Services, focuses on smoke ventilation systems. These systems are crucial life safety measures, designed to aid the safe evacuation of occupants during a fire and assist firefighters in containing the fire at its early stages. Mechanical smoke ventilation systems utilize powered components like fans to create airflow, enabling smoke to exit through dampers, grilles, and vents.

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are portable devices designed to extinguish or control small fires by releasing f.......


Firefighting System

We specialize in the Designs, Supplies, Installation, Repair & Servicing, and Maintenance of Firefig.......


Fire Alarm/Detection System

We specialize in the Designs, Supplies, Installation, Repair & Servicing, and Maintenance of Fire al.......


Fire Suppression System

We specialize in the Designs, Supplies, Installation, Repair & Servicing, and Maintenance of Fire Su.......


ACMV & Smoke Ventilation

Advance Fire Protection Systems specializes in the Designs, Supplies, Installation, Repair & Servici.......


Fire-Rated Doors

Advance Fire Protection system specializes in the supply and installation of Fire-rated doors (Metal.......


MEP Contracts & Facility Services

We Undertake MEP Contracts including Installation, Repair, Maintenance of Warehouse projects, Reside.......


ELV System, Security Solutions & Surveillance System:

We offer a complete range of customized security solutions including installation & Maintenance for .......


HSE & Fire Safety Test Services

We provide certified and experience services in Occupational Health Safety & Environment Life Safety.......


Trading Division

Our Trading division offers a wide range of Fire Protection materials, PPEs (Personal Protective Equ.......

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